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  • SOC: MT7622
  • Switch:
    • Realtek RTL8367S (<v1.0)
    • Mediatek MT7531 (>=v1.0)
  • Wifi: bgn on SOC (driver available in my repo), MT7615 AC (was dropped due to heat)
  • Bluetooth driver working on 5.4 (in my repo)
  • ASM1480 PCIE/SATA-Multiplexer/Bridge (selecting PCIE1/cn8 or SATA over GPIO90)
  • PMIC mt6380



hardware revisions

  • 1.0 Original release. PCI0 bug (missing capacitors on tx lines), mPCIe slot 3.3V lines limited to 1447mA (4.7kΩ resistors on current limiter)
  • 1.1 First revision. PCI0 tx line bug fixed. mPCIe slots still limited to 1440mA (still 4.7kΩ resistors - this is my board)
  • 1.1 Reports of v1.1 boards with 3.0kΩ current limiting resistors on mPCIe slot 3.3V line (@Reiver’s board), mPCIe 3.3v line 2267mA.
  • 1.2 changes on pcie line like later v1.1 (which maybe incorrectly labeled)


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