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BananaPi R3


  • mt7986a SoC
  • mt7531 Ethernet-switch


  • SD / eMMC sharing 1 mmc-controller in SoC
    • SD 4bit bus, eMMC 8bit
    • switched first 4 data-lanes by sw6 (bottom)
  • SPI NAND/NOR sharing SPI0-Bus
    • CS switched by sw5

sw2 on top of board near debug-uart chooses between SPI and MMC

I have NOR not yet working,it is not recognized in uboot

Network connections

                     (p5)---right SFP slot
gmac2----left SFP slot

We have the sfp recognized but not completely working

mount -t debugfs none /sys/kernel/debug/
cat /sys/kernel/debug/sfp1/state


mPCIe slot is usb-only with SIM connector (bottom of board). PCIe is mapped to m.2 key-m slot for nvme SSD

Sata possible via M.2 KEY-M 2lane interface on bottom side of board



partition layout

32MB kernel/256MB root: gpt_sd-20220216.bin

create own partition table: (currently i try to port to python3,but get crc error, so only python2-support):

(cd tools/mediatek/gpt_editor/;python --i example/mt7986-sd.json --o GPT_SD)

Created a gpt with 100mb kernel+6GB root partition with an python2 venv

atf / u-boot


patches for mt7986

wifi firmware (wifi not yet tested)

Own repo:

./ importconfig
./ #build kernel

Then copy bpi-r3.itb to card and start from uboot with commands listed above (setenv, fatload, bootm)



root@bpi-r3:~# date -s "2022-09-18 18:02:00+0200"
root@bpi-r3:~# ip link set lan4 up
root@bpi-r3:~# ip addr add dev lan4       
root@bpi-r3:~# ip route add default via     
root@bpi-r3:~# apt update
root@bpi-r3:~# apt install pciutils usbutils traceroute iperf3 net-tools psmisc wget curl
#for LTE card
root@bpi-r3:~# apt install libqmi-utils libmbim-utils


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