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  • power-on: hold power-switch 10 seconds, without power-switch: Forum
    • solder bridge next to power switch. Can cause problems since poweroff-feature. To fix this blacklist pmic-keys-module or uninstall acpid package see issue 35
    • input 5V to OTG
  • poweroff (4.14.53+) needs acpid package for power-button (command works without it)
    • emmc on v1.2 is maybe from vendor SEC which needs different pinctrl setting (pu/pd) in uboot to be recognized: forum issue was introduced in u-boot 2022.04 and fixed with patch from daniel (for 2023.07)
  • wifi-chip onBoard: MT6625 Forum (dev) Forum (usr)
  • Switch-Chip onBoard: MT7530 Forum

additional hardware

  • Power-supply: 12V/2A recommended,plug coaxial: 2,1 x 5,5 mm Reichelt
  • microSD-card (>=8GB): Sandisk Ultra 32GB
  • WLAN-antennas: 5dBi mit rp-SMA auf IPEX/u-FL Kabel
  • PCIe wifi-card: ForumMT76
  • case:
  • heatsinks:
    • mt7623: 20x20mm
    • mt7530: 14x14mm (like rpi soc)



  • rp-SMA to IPEX/u-FL cable for wifi-antennas


it works with GND next to power (1+2,3+4). 12V is yellow, 5V is red

both jacks near sata-connector have voltage, also if R2 is “halted”, the fan-jack (near IR-receiver) had no direct-current output in my tests (4.14), this seems my gnd there is broken…with another gnd i have the 5V output


  • 1,25mm SH 6pin for battery AliExpress, no circuit known battery-connector does not work see here


  • wifi mPCIe-card bolted with M2x10 screws and knurled nut + 2 x washers of Polyamid (isolation+protection of the board)
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